Can You Eat With Invisalign?

Can You Eat With Invisalign?

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Invisalign is an orthodontic treatment that uses clear plastic aligners to straighten the teeth. One benefit of Invisalign is that the aligners are virtually invisible on your teeth. You wear them throughout the day as you go about your regular activities and most people are completely unaware that you are straightening your teeth. 

Another benefit is that the aligners are removable. A common question that arises with Invisalign is, can you eat with your aligners in? Learn the answer to this question and more as you read on. 

Remove Your Aligners Before You Eat

When it is time to eat, the best thing to do is remove your aligners. There are many reasons why this is recommended: 

  • You could damage your aligners. Eating with your aligners in your mouth can dent, scratch, or even break your aligners. They could slip off and then you could bite them in the wrong place, causing damage to your aligners and possibly also your teeth. 
  • Food can get stuck under your aligners. As you chew, food will get stuck between your teeth and your aligners, causing discomfort and also a higher chance of tooth decay. 
  • The aligners make your teeth smooth. The smooth plastic aligners are not good for chewing the way your teeth are. They dull the biting and chewing surface of your teeth, making them ineffective at grinding up your food. 

Always remove your aligners before you eat. Rinse them off and store them in the provided case to ensure they don’t get lost or accidentally thrown away. Pets are also attracted to aligners and tend to chew them, so store them in the case to keep them safe. 

Can You Drink With Your Aligners In? 

You can drink water with your aligners in, but you should take them out before drinking anything else. There are a few reasons for this: 

  • Beverages contain sugar. Most beverages besides water contain sugar. When sugar gets under your aligners it can cause tooth decay. It is best to remove your aligners, drink the beverage, then either brush your teeth or rinse your mouth with water before putting your aligners back in. 
  • Beverages are acidic. Many beverages contain acids that will corrode your teeth if it gets under your aligners. As with sugary beverages, it is best to remove your aligners while you’re drinking and clean your teeth before putting them back in. 
  • Beverages can stain your aligners. Some beverages contain naturally staining properties like coffee, tea, red wine, and juice. Others have artificial dyes in them. Drinking anything that isn’t clear with your aligners can discolor them so that they are no longer clear and invisible. 
  • Hot beverages can melt your aligners. Drinking hot beverages with your aligners can melt and warp the plastic, which means they won’t fit properly and your teeth will not be getting the orthodontic treatment they need. 

No Food Restrictions When Aligners Are Out 

One of the best things about Invisalign is that you don’t have any food restrictions once you take your aligners out. Unlike braces where you have a list of foods to avoid that could damage your braces, Invisalign comes with no such list, just a single rule: take your aligners out to eat and drink. 

Doctors Lake Family Dental is a Certified Invisalign Provider  

If you’re in need of orthodontic treatment or you simply want to improve your smile, Doctors Lake Family Dental provides Invisalign. It is a popular choice for those that want to straighten their teeth discreetly and don’t want eating restrictions. 

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