Meet Dr. Julie Bailey

Building Trust and Improving Smiles

A dentist is a trusted member of the community, yet at the same time many people are fearful of seeing us. I’ve cared for many people filled with anxiety after a single bad dental experience. It’s a huge hurdle to overcome, but I pride myself in having the patience and skills to establish trust. I love hearing a patient comment on how far they’ve come and how much their anxiety has decreased with my help and that of our team.

I grew up in Tallahassee and attended Florida State University for my undergraduate degree in Biology. I then enrolled at the University of Florida, where I was awarded my dental degree. Growing up in Tallahassee made it hard to be a Gator, but I maintained my Seminole status during those four years.

I’m passionate about continuing education. I come away from advanced dental courses energized to try new techniques and products, and share the knowledge with my patients. Whether it’s a new tool, information on medication, or how a new device will make a procedure more comfortable, I love sharing.

Some people believe that after five years of practicing dentistry you’ve learned the bulk of what you need to know. I strongly disagree. While I’m very comfortable in my skills and knowledge, I’m always excited to learn new ways to be more efficient and provide better care to my patients. Continuing education courses get me even more excited to do the things I love every day!

In the Community

I love to give back and help make a difference for those in our community. I achieve this through Rotary service projects and by volunteering at the local dental clinic.

Personal Life

I live in Fleming Island with my husband, John, and our young daughter, Hattie, who was born in August 2015. Before Hattie arrived, in the evenings you’d find me at the gym or cooking in my kitchen. Now I’m cuddling with her as soon as I arrive home. I’m also becoming an expert at crock pot cooking!

I enjoy exploring new recipes and love photography. You’ll often find me trying new recipes from Pinterest and taking photos with my camera. I’m proud to say that I’ve state up-to-date with printing family photo albums each year and am usually the Historian in a club.

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